Well, how's this for the proverbial "cat being out of the bag" and nothing like being completely open to.... ummm the World! My amazing wife Elia Marie Buice took the time to document our lives, our story and our dreams after we were encouraged to do so by some of our church family, after they just learned of our unreal and somewhat divine dream come true with a bounty of opportunities!!

We have some huge and beautiful and unknown roads ahead of us as a family and it's with an extremely brave and open heart I share this with you all... I encourage you ALL to read our journey and maybe you can help in anyway possible, even just reading and sharing. We respect everybody has a story, this just happens to be ours. It's with a sincere thanks on behalf of the entire Buice Family across the globe... that I share our truths with you.

I'm coming home Colorado. I'm coming home with a family I'm damn proud of and I'm coming home for good. You are truly God's country.

Thank you and blessings!! :).

GoFundMe - Buice Family Move

Another Constant Source of Inspiration; DEFASTEN

Some of these sources of inspiration that I am sharing happen to be a personal treasure trove of those from my active, professional past. Granted taking 5/6yrs to build two Brands with my true love while raising our four children and managing a Progressive MS diagnosis... sure seems like a worthy reason for a brief pro-hiatus.

It's rather fun to document Patrick Defasten Doan's progress and evolution as of today however it seems that I still fancy the works of past. Regardless, creative talent is a beast to harness and to take into a profession… It's a definitive evolutionary process within one's self and what you're willing to infect the world with.

DEFASTEN has always been that hunger and passion that I see underneath all of the work. Make a point to really digest all that there is to offer from DEFASTEN, he honestly motivates me to push deeper and further on every project and watching some of the older works in comparison to today's retraces the mindset and only sharpens the arsenal. Their is more current solid works, I just wanted to PolyBlog a few of my faves.