Inspiration Never Sleeps

Yup. It’s been some time for the good ‘ol blogosphere, in all honesty it’s not like I haven’t truly been busy. We can get to all of that in another post. In short, life could not be better because our family is moved! I brought them all home to the only place I’ve found in America that I can truly call “Gods country” -  to the beautiful Front Range and majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado. That’s right y’all… I’m back home for good and with a family I’m pretty damn proud of.

Prospects on the horizon!! There is many an iron in the fire, between the few startup Brands I’ve been helping launch (NDA is the name of the game players) and my wife’s brands are about ready to take the region by storm. I wanted to title this one “Inspiration Never Sleeps“ and leave you with some of the motivation and inspiration that leads me to progress and never stop. When my wife and I put it on high to get our family back to the creative melting pot I called home since the late 90s; I began recycling the mindset and went out to find what some of my role models, fellow colleagues and like-minded brothers were literally doing at the moment.

That’s right… Did you think I stopped paying attention? Never the chance… Just like I know you never did either. Here’s one that I found that impressed me by every frame, even the last :30 

The Farm League impresses me… Who’s in their staff and what they are touching and the attack they bring with their passion is everything I attempt to reach. It has purity plain and simple. They’re not looking at things the same way typical pro-creatives do and it clearly shows. Personally, I would love to be placed on that roster. Here’s a piece that they did for YETI highlighting (of all peeps) The Malloy Brothers. I will let the visuals speak for itself… blessings!! 💕🏔🙏🏼