A Personal One Way Ticket via Amtrak

For this One Way Ticket... I decided to travel by train, on my way back home to my true love in the rural farming forests of West Tennessee via Union Station, California. I was situated in Long Beach for a short time... and being the consummate creative I always try to be, this time, like most I bust out my rusty-trusty Apple iPhone (only because of some of the updated iOS camera functions like 120fps, time-lapse and HDR) and just began filming random shots from my private cabin window of all of these impacting visuals on my way back home.

Later on, finally resting and reviewing my camera roll at home, I get the crazy notion to review and maybe edit the shots to like-minded music I had sitting on my iTunes. No surprise, I'm not really into "Apps" especially time-killing phone apps. I tend to prefer the apps that get tagged more for productivity because thats how I like to kill time. Needless to say that I did cook out some edits, remembered I had a Vimeo account, uploaded them and will post them here, possibly over time. However, I posted this one with good intentions.

Long story short, fast forward to today...

Oddly and ironically enough, after the launch (somewhere in 2016) of one of my new favorite channels on American television; VICELAND; my family and I were loving this new show we had caught called ABANDONED which has the awesome and self-proclaimed "bozo on a board and the boob tube" Rick McCrank hosting and being the navigator/investigator documentarian of each segment.

All of a sudden I hear one of my children proclaim "Hey Dad, did you work on this show? It looks like something you did." Already I was in a daze after the first two episodes, exactly mesmerized so much so I had to tweet my enthusiasm about the genius of the ABANDONED concept. Coming from the professional Action Sports world (surf, skate and snow was my discipline) this spoke volumes to me. The shots, framing, content, cuts, screen-writing, soundtrack, subject matter and the sign-off... the ending re-cap in the last few minutes of every episode is just money, plain and simple.

I understand how guerrilla and bare-bones those of us from the skate world have to be, just to set-up the right wind strategically under the giant wings of huge concepts, which is why it was no shocker that I find Spike Jonze is at the helm. We will see how long he stays involved because personally, his creative professional talent quiver is deadly and I've never not witnessed him hit target every time.

Yes, my kids were right. The random things I do on my own can be lost in translation is some regards. They look like familiar visuals indeed and that's a good thing. Great creative minds think alike. Now, if someone wouldn't mind handshaking me with someone high-up at VICE, VICELAND or even Mr. McCrank or Mr. Jonze before I dedicate to making them need me as opposed to wanting me.

Strange shit is I use to advertise some of the action sports brands I worked with in ViceMag. Small world people... very small.